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Find your score, music sheets of all Hanne her pieces here.

Solo's, duets, ensemble, orchestra, Educational Songs, Music Theatre...

Contemporary Music Theatre
Music Theatre by Hanne & Tom Lanoye commissioned by Antwerp Spring Festival. Created by Vlaamse Opera Orchestra, conductor Alexander Joel & Stefaan Degand.
Hanne composed music for the movie La Belgique Martyre, 
performed by HERMESensemble
With KATSU Hanne builds the bridge between East & West. 
Hanne on Bass Clarinet in Toronto
With her Mycelium Music Project Hanne makes the combination of music, art, public space and interaction with audience. Like mycelium connects in the earth, she would love to connect above between people.
 Hanne trains professional musicians with her methods & vision. More than 100 musicians from some 15 different countries have followed her training programs.
Started in 1996 with highly gifted children, Now a worldwide method for teaching music in a playful and creative way, through composing their own songs, from the first lesson.

BOOKS written by Hanne 

Through her books, Hanne would like to inform and stimulate the world of music, health care and education in a creative way .

Music & Dementia

Remembering Through Music Eng

Een andere dementie in muziek

The Voice of our Memory

De Stem van ons Geheugen

Music Initiation

Her educative workbooks are available in Dutch, English & Spanish.

Musical Adventures I, II, III

Muzikale Avonturen I, II, III

Aventures Musicales I, II, III

Hanne is the founder of House of Music Belgium, with headquarters in Antwerp. 
We work worldwide with musicians, organizations, schools, and families to grow through music!
We teach our creative vision "Children are Composers" from birth: babies, toddlers, teens, adults, seniors, professional musicians & educators. 
Inspiration Platform

Hanne worked from 2007 as a music therapist with elderly and people with dementia. She developed together with Center Dementia, experts and caregivers a vision & training to communicate musically with people with dementia.

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