Here you can find all ORCHESTRA compositions by Hanne Deneire.
We made a full inspiration package of every piece of music.

So if you order the score, you also get the text, information about creation and performances done, 
if available a video and recording!

25€ per music piece including all extra's available about this piece.

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 reference "music piece you would like & your mail".

If you need individual parts, send me an email.

Don't forget to email me when you perform my music.
I would love to hear you play!


Mitä: Chamber orchestra (°1999)
Awarded by Aquarius Compositie Wedstrijd
Created by Beethoven Academie conducted by Jan Caeyers
Duration: 7’ 

Marguerite: symfonic orchestra (°2001)
Commissioned & created by Royal Conservatory Antwerp Orchestra conducted by Koen Kessels
Duration: 6’ 30 

Trek: folk orch & symphonic orch & 4 female singers (°2003)
Commissioned & created by Leuvens Alumni Orchestra conducted by Ivo Venkov
Duration: 25’ 

Promenade: robot orchestra 
Commissioned & created by Logos Ghent
Duration: 10’

Bonaparte: symphonic chamber orchestra & voice (°2022)
Libretto by Tom Lanoye
Commissioned by Antwerp Spring Festival
Created by Vlaamse Opera Orkest & Stefaan Degand
Duration: 33'

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